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How to use Soccer Prop

October 5, 2022

Soccer Prop is a tool to make researching soccer props easier. We combine all of the data, trends and insights that you might find on a dozen different websites into one place. That also means that we present quite a bit of data that can be overwhelming at first glance. Here’s a run through of some of our key features that might go overlooked.

Historical Lines

Our tools allow you to compare player performance to historical PrizePicks lines. On any player performance graph, you can see circles colored either red, gray or green for historical lines that we’ve archived. These will be colored based on whether the player had more or less than the posted spread, while the bar in the chart will be colored based on the currently set line. This feature is useful to track how a current prop compares to recent props and how lines have changed over time corresponding to player form.

Custom Board Queries

We’ve compiled all of the soccer props posted on PrizePicks in one place. You can quickly analyze the board and spot trends and even construct custom queries. The Custom Search Builder allows you to filter by any column on the table and combine searches. For example, find only players who have hit in 50% of their previous games with a line over 2.

Adjustable Line

When viewing any player profile, you can adjust the line up or down by using the slider. Adjusting the line will update the calculated hit rate and update the colors on the graph: green (more), red (less) or gray (push).

Interactive Splits & Graphs

Below the gamelog graph, we have graphs of other dimensions. These graphs are all interactive — click on one and it will update the others — and allow you to drill down to a further level of detail. The home/away graph will show a distribution of how many shots the player has recorded in home games versus away games with a box and whisker plot. This screen shot illustrates a player who is significantly better at home than on the road.

Historical performance by team

Track how opponents have performed relative to their spread against a given team for shots, fantasy points and attempted passes. This is a great tool to see whether certain types of players like midfielders or defenders tend to do better or worse against a given opponent.

Specialty Stats

Our team pages feature specialty stats to help you with your prop betting or fantasy analysis. These reports include crosse and corners per start, penalty kick logs by team, free kick shot stats and much more.

Track line movement or “bumps”

It’s no secret that PrizePicks lines can move quickly. As they do, we’ll update our board and show any lines that have moved and by how much. Anything highlighted in red has moved up, anything highlighted in green has moved down.